About Us

Ningbo HicRen Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was established in 2011. The company has gathered a group of senior management talents and outstanding medical device research and development personnel from Fortune 500, domestic and foreign listed companies. Through continuous innovation and integration, the team is committed to building HicRen into an innovative enterprise with a digital orthopedic minimally invasive platform empowered by robot.

Ningbo HICREN Biotechnology Co., Ltd.


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It is the driving force for forging ahead with determination and daring to be the first, the logical accumulation after deep thinking, also the one and only way for enterprises to become bigger and stronger. Hicren pays high attention to cultivating employee's sense of innovation, and constantly realizes R&D innovation, marketing innovation and management innovation, so as to create higher commercial value and fulfill corporate social responsibilities through constantly improving thinking ability and cognitive level.


It is the manifestation of youth and devotion that inspire people to do things, to do practical things, and to achieve great things. Passion is a strong driving force that not only brings happiness to oneself, but also affects the people around him/her. Through persevering and persistent passion, Hicren has gathered a group of vibrant talents.



It is a necessary requirement for enterprises with ideals and aspirations. It is also the manifestation of high executive force. Efficiency can only be achieved with a sense of crisis, and a sense of urgency to seize the moment and strive for success.



It is responsibility, as well as excellence. It is the self-restraint in industries that are crucial to health and even life. It involves decomposition and careful consideration based on comprehensive consideration, and covers both big picture and minute details. It is not only about thinking, but also about execution.


It is the fragments of happy moments that converge to form a happy life. Hicren constantly introspects and evolves in terms of consideration for every employee, and actively creates a good environment and sound systems, so that employees can experience the continuous joy of self-satisfaction.


It concerns one's moral quality, it is a state of innocence and a return to socialization, and it is a manifestation of high cultivation. Sincerity from the heart and frankness in words and deeds seem simple, but is difficult to achieve. Open and honest communication, as well as focusing on the matter itself during work can continuously improve the communication efficiency of the enterprise. It is the underlying logic that is better than excellent systems and processes.



It is a requirement of the enterprise, and it is also the best choice for long-term maximization of individual interests. It requires every employee to think from the perspective of the enterprise, abandon emotional factors, constantly restrain instinctive impulses, and strive to make rational choices, collaborate on the division of labor for common goals, complement each other's strengths, and improve the overall efficiency of the team.


It is a manifestation of high emotional intelligence, not only for work, but also a necessary quality for life. It means the ability to empathize with others' feelings, to think from their perspective, to feel the same way, and to respond positively. Each of our colleagues in Hicren should strive to cultivate the habit of being empathetic and empathizing frequently.



Make orthopedic surgery easy, and resume patients' walking ability Dare to be the first, have good faith, never give up, keep improving



Make every effort to become a minimally invasive orthopedic platform enterprise empowered by robots


Operation Principle

Build high-quality products with the advanced technologies of HICREN


Talent Principle

HICREN adheres to the talent strategy of "people-oriented, appointing people on merit and make the most of their talents"


Cultivation & Development

The company provides a broad stage for employees to give full play to their talents, so as to discover, cultivate, respect and develop talents.