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Ningbo HICREN and European INS Joined Hands to Explore the Chinese Orthopedic Microrobot Market

Recently, Ningbo HICREN Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and Interventional Systems (hereinafter referred to as INS), a European innovative surgical robot company, have reached an agreement on technical and commercial cooperation, and will join hands to explore the Chinese orthopedic surgical microrobot market. Thus, an emerging joint venture, Sino-Europe Microrobotics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., will soon be established in Shanghai. Relying on the R&D expertise of both sides, the location advantage of Shanghai and the scientific research background of two first-class universities, Sino-Europe Microrobotics will rapidly develop and market, and continue to innovate and upgrade the new generation of orthopedic surgical microrobots based on the high-quality intraoperative positioning platform Micromate™.



As the core carrier of full automation and artificial intelligence in the medical field, surgical robot is in the stage of rapid development in China and the global market. Orthopedic surgical robots are increasingly recognized by doctors, trusted by patients and favored by institutions because of their ability to fully meet clinical requirements for precision, minimally invasive surgery and reduced X-ray exposure dose in intraoperative positioning and navigation. Robot-assisted orthopedic surgery has also been included in the list of charges or covered by medical insurance in many provinces and cities in China. At the same time, the existing orthopedic surgical robots still have disadvantages such as large size, complex operation, long time consuming and high price, which hinder the development of the market and the promotion of technology to a certain extent. Clinical market is in urgent need of a small size, convenient operation, fast running, cost-effective, easy to popularize and differentiated microrobot.



MicromateTM is known as the world's smallest percutaneous minimally invasive surgical positioning platform, weighing only 2kg. With precision manufacturing and fine control, Micromate™ can achieve sub-millimeter precision positioning. At the same time, MicromateTM can complete cooperative operation with various imaging devices such as O-arm/G-arm, CBCT and C-arm, which has strong application and malleability. This platform has been approved by FDA and has been highly recognized and applied clinically in the field of orthopedics. Based on this platform, the new generation of orthopedic surgical robots launched by Sino-Europe Microrobotics will be equipped with highly targeted surgical planning and navigation system. Compared with the existing products in the market, the new generation of orthopedic surgical robots fully optimize the operation module and operation process, realize the visualization of the entire operation process, match the rich surgical accessory portfolio of clinical needs, and is marketed to the broad market at a reasonable price. In this way, while solving the drawbacks of the existing products, the surgical robots of Sino-Europe Microrobotics can meet the practical needs of clinical users with differentiated technology features and humanized product design. The new generation of surgical robots will be suitable for spinal internal fixation surgery, spinal interventional surgery, spinal percutaneous endoscopic surgery, sports medicine surgery and other fields, to provide comprehensive precise microrobot-assisted surgery solutions for clinical market.


Ningbo HICREN Biotechnology Co., Ltd., the holding parent company of Sino-Europe Microrobotics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., is a national high-tech enterprise that focuses on the research and development, production and sales of minimally invasive orthopedic products, and is a global leader in percutaneous curved vertebroplasty. The company has applied for 114 patents and obtained 64 patents. It has a full range of innovative products in the fields of vertebroplasty, interbody fusion and non-fusion, bone repair material series, sports medicine series, spinal implants, endoscope series, artificial intelligence and other fields. With the core philosophy of "Innovation, Passion, Efficiency, Meticulousness, Happiness, Honesty, Collaboration, Empathy", HICREN has gathered a group of senior management talents and excellent medical device R&D personnel from Fortune 500 and domestic and foreign listed enterprises. Through continuous innovation and integration, the company team is committed to building HICREN into an innovative orthopedic minimally invasive platform enterprise enabled by robots.



Headquartered in Austria, Interventional Systems (INS), a designer and manufacturer of a new generation navigational robotic platform Micromate™, has a strong R&D capability and technical reserve for micro surgical navigation and positioning devices. Its products have been approved by CE and FDA. Interventional Systems (INS) continues to work with its strategic partners to develop specialized surgical robot systems for different departments. In brain neurosurgery, Interventional Systems (INS) is the joint research and development partner of Medtronic's Stealth Autoguide™ microrobot, whose advanced robot arm technology has been highly recognized and widely applied in the global market. In the field of minimally invasive spinal surgery, Fusion Robotics, a spinal robot developed in collaboration with a team of top spinal surgeons in the United States, was approved by the FDA in March 2021 and subsequently merged with the Integrity Implants, a company engaged in the minimally invasive spinal surgery area, into Accelus, a company that provides integrated minimally invasive spinal solutions based on surgical robots. In the Chinese market, Interventional Systems (INS) will provide strong technical input for the joint development of a new generation of robots with Sino-Europe Microrobotics. The research and development teams of China and Austria will work closely together to further improve the application scenarios and extension dimensions of the existing navigation platform, and create an internationally leading Chinese intelligent surgery assistance system.



Mr. Ma Yan, CEO of Ningbo HICREN Biotechnology Co., Ltd., has high expectations and confidence for this strategic cooperation: “HICREN is a Chinese medical technology company dedicated to providing innovative minimally invasive solutions for spine and sports medicine. Micromate™ has extremely sophisticated design, efficient workflow and excellent user experience, which are very important characteristics and foundation for us to launch a new generation of robot products. We will collaborate with the Interventional Systems (INS) team and China's leading spine and sports medicine experts to combine the strengths of the two companies' products and technologies to bring highly innovative and affordable robot-assisted surgical solutions to the Chinese market.”


CEO Michael Vogele and CPO Pedro Costa of Interventional Systems (INS) said: “The value of our team's mission is to provide clinicians with a cost-effective, easy-to-use, fully functional robotic platform. For the past decade, the team has been working on developing micro minimally invasive robotic solutions. We are very pleased to be working with a company like HICREN, who has a lot of experience and success stories in product portfolio and marketing. China is a market we are very keen to explore, and we look forward to fulfilling our vision of achieving better outcomes through minimally invasive robotic surgery.”


The technology and products in the field of minimally invasive orthopedics in China are undergoing unprecedented high-speed innovation. The strategic cooperation between Ningbo HICREN and Interventional Systems (INS) will give full play to the respective resources and technical advantages of both companies, form a joint force, and rapidly open up new directions in the field of minimally invasive orthopedic products and micro surgical robots. With the purpose to create a better future based on a smart technology-powered microrobotic platform, Sino-Europe Microrobotics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. will adhere to the realistic development idea, develop a successful business model, and constantly inject innovative elements, to bring more diversified concepts and more sustainable power for the field of minimally invasive orthopedics and surgical robots. Please stay tuned for the latest updates.