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Full Success for the Opening Ceremony of “HICREN-HILLHOUSE” Strategic Cooperation and the10th Anniversary Celebration of HICREN



Success Requires Years of Hard Work, Prosperity Requires Joined Hands


Boost National Rejuvenation Through Technologies and Show Great Foresight to Usher in the Future


Full Success for the Opening Ceremony of  “HICREN-HILLHOUSE”  Strategic Cooperation and the 10th Anniversary Celebration of HICREN


The future only shines for those who dare to dream, and excellence can only be achieved through persistent progress. Success requires years of hard work, and prosperity requires joined hands. With the aim to “Boost National Rejuvenation Through Technologies and Show Great Foresight to Usher in the Future”, the opening ceremony of “HICREN-HILLHOUSE” strategic cooperation and the 10th anniversary celebration of HICREN was held at 17:18 on May 7, 2021 at Hyatt Regency Ningbo Hangzhou Bay. Members of the board of directors and all employees of HICREN, Hillhouse representatives, industry insiders as special guests, representatives of partners and Linfeng Industrial Park brother enterprises gathered together to witness this historic milestone.




The event was started with majestic opening video and the sound of drums. During the speech of Hicren’s General Manager, Mr. Ma Yan sincerely thanked the guests and partners attending the event, and thanked all the employees of HICREN for their conscientious devotion and hard work. As the ancient saying goes, “fortune favors those who ride with the tide”. All staff of HICREN will work together to create a more brilliant next decade and build the company into a minimally invasive orthopedic platform enterprise enabled by robots.



Mr. Chen Xinxing, executive director of Hillhouse, said in his speech that Hillhouse is firmly optimistic about the long-term development of China's medical industry and is committed to finding enterprises with original innovation ability in the medical industry. Hillhouse will help enterprises get on the fast track of all-round development and promote the multi-win industry ecology through capital, brand, talent, global technology transfer and other resources input. At the same time, Hillhouse will also actively promote HICREN to go global, and become a leading innovative enterprise based in China and facing the world.



The opening ceremony of “HICREN-HILLHOUSE” strategic cooperation was jointly completed by Mr. Lv Shiwen, the representative of the board of directors, Mr. Chen Xinxing, Ms. Miao Weijuan and Ms. Guliyang from Hillhouse, and Mr. Ma Yan, the general manager of HICREN. The successful completion of opening ceremony indicated the commence of official comprehensive strategic cooperation between the two parties, which will promote HICREN towards the "3+1" strategic development direction, namely "vertebroplasty series products", "spinal internal fixation series products", "sports medicine series products" + "surgical robots", realize the harmonious development of consumables and equipment, and open a new era of development of the company.


This strategic cooperation will provide a strong guarantee for the product research and development of HICREN, lay a solid foundation for market development, and mark the development of Hicren's medical career to a new level. Alliance between giants is also an inexhaustible driving force for progress. This strategic cooperation is of great significance to both parties. HICREN and Hillhouse will give full play to their respective advantages to achieve win-win results and create brilliant future together.



In the last decade, HICREN had went through a lot. Yet, despite all ups and downs, HICREN has always kept a steady progress and forged ahead with the original intention in mind. It is the unremitting efforts and hard work of the employees in the last decade that have carried HICREN to where it is today. The prosperity of HICREN today is all because of the attitude of pursuing excellence work and diligent practical action of all staff. At the event, the excellent employees of the company as well as the employees who had served the company for more than 5 years were commended and rewarded, thanking them for their conscientious and persistent selfless dedication to HICREN, and encouraging every employee to stay true to their original intention, pursue excellence, continue to forge ahead and grow together with the company.