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First Case of Percutaneous Curved Vertebroplasty Performed in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is an important country of the Belt and Road Initiative of China, which has close contacts with China and frequent exchanges of medical activities. The curved vertebroplasty devices brought by HICREN this time are also the latest orthopedic devices in China.


On 15 July, we met with the Director of the National Center for Trauma and Orthopaedic Research of Kyrgyzstan to exchange information on the development of minimally invasive spinal operation, especially vertebroplasty, in both countries. We introduced the characteristics and application methods of the curved vertebroplasty devices, and the Director expressed his willingness to use PCVP products in Kyrgyzstan.


After the meeting, hospital staff took us on a tour of hospital wards, treatment rooms and other places, and visited patients waiting for surgery.


The attending doctor introduced the basic information and diagnosis results of the patient. According to the medical history and imaging data provided by the patient, our staff put forward different views, believing that the patient was suffering from Kummell's disease, a rare condition featuring nonunion of old osteoporotic vertebral compression fracture, rather than the intra-vertebral hemangioma diagnosed by the hospital. In line with the responsible scientific attitude towards patients and life, our staff sent medical records back to China and invited domestic experts for consultation, and finally confirmed our diagnosis. After receiving the confirmation from domestic experts, our staff prepared relevant materials on Kummell's disease and communicated with Director Sabyrbek A. Djumabekov and other directors. During the process, our serious and responsible attitude was recognized by the hospital, and the level of medical care of our staff was also been praised.


At 10 o 'clock on the morning of 16 July, our personnel entered the operating room and the preoperative preparation had been completed at this time. Zhao Xiaosheng from the Marketing Department was invited to the observe the operation by the Director. Many local orthopedic surgeons were attracted by the new vertebroplasty device and went to the operation room to observe the operation. The percutaneous curved vertebroplasty device was easy to operate and it only took 30 minutes to complete the surgery. The intraoperative video data recorded the entire procedure, which was praised by the Director and other surgeons.


In an interview with local media after the operation, the Director said that: The percutaneous curved vertebroplasty device from China is the latest model. A very difficult operation was completed with the help of the PCVP product of HICREN, China. Despite the difficulty, the operation was successfully completed due to the technical innovation of Hicren’s products and the prudence and professionalism of the surgeons who participated in the operation. The operative results were excellent. The patient had minimal trauma (only a 4 mm wound), and the bone cement was evenly distributed. This new technology will certainly help more Kyrgyz people in the future.


In a follow-up visit on 18 July, the Director of the hospital said that the patient had recovered well and had been discharged from the hospital. The percutaneous curved vertebroplasty device from China has obvious advantages and is expected to be widely used in Kyrgyzstan and more countries.


On the 19 July, our personnel set out for home with fruitful results. We are full of confidence and hope that more of our products can benefit mankind and make our contribution to the development of medical science and technology.



Photo of the scene


Patient conditions: A 65-year-old female with a two-year old fracture was diagnosed as Kummell's disease


Confirmation of surgical instruments


Confirmation of puncture location using the locating plate


Puncturing the bone


Establish the curved delivery channel


Injection of bone cement


Final operation results