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Going Global | HICREN participated in SPINEWEEK with innovative technology and a total spine solution



The 2023 SPINEWEEK was held in Melbourne, Australia from May 1st to 5th, with the assistance of multiple spine societies from various continents and multiple international spine professional academic organizations. More than a thousand spine professionals from all over the world gathered together to gain insights into industry development trends. SPINEWEEK, founded in 2004, is jointly organized by many institutions and held every four years. The conference covers the disciplines related to spine, such as anesthesiology, basic research, engineering, internal medicine, neurosurgery, osteology, etc. It is a world-renowned spine event.


Ningbo HICREN Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is the first production enterprise in China to obtain domestic and EU approval for the CURVED vertebroplasty surgery products. It also has a full range of vertebroplasty products, as well as innovative products in the fields of spine internal fixation implants, sports medicine, orthopedic equipment and consumables, artificial intelligence, etc. HICREN participated in this exhibition with a total spine solution, marking its official entry into overseas markets and showcasing its innovative technology and R&D capabilities to the world.



At this exhibition, HICREN focused on the curved vertebroplasty system and curved kyphoplasty system, comprehensively showcasing spine solutions from multiple perspectives such as consumables and equipment, including the Curved PKP/PVP series, spine internal fixation and fusion system, spine shaver equipment, arthroscopic shaver equipment, disposable endoscopic electrodes, and disposable medical pulse irrigator, etc.



In just five days, the HICREN booth has attracted the attention of numerous worldwide clients, and has also attracted spine surgeons from multiple countries to come and visit. Among various innovative products, the curved PKP/PVP, which is independently developed and produced by HICREN, have received unanimous praise from international visitors, becoming a major highlight of this exhibition. A doctor from Australia said, "This is a very clever and innovative design that can greatly help surgeons complete surgeries better and reduce patient’s pain.”


During the on-site exhibition, the staff of HICREN International Business Department received nearly 100 visitors from more than 10 countries around the world with their enthusiastic services. They served every visitor with professional knowledge and full enthusiasm to illustrate product features, to explain innovative concepts, and to demonstrate tool operations. The booth was crowded with people, and interactive communication was booming. After experiencing the smooth and convenient operation of multiple products firsthand, visitors expressed their hope for opportunities for further cooperation.



“In the past, we worked hard to introduce orthopedic brands from the world into China. Today, we strive to bring Chinese orthopedic brands to the world.”  In the view of Mr.Ma Yan, CEO and General Manager of HICREN, China's independently innovative products, such as the curved PKP/PVP, are technologically leading globally, which proves that China can achieve world-class performance no matter it’s supply chain or technological research and development. “As an important new force of Chinese orthopedic companies, Ningbo HICREN will continuously promote innovative therapies to the world with continuous R&D investment and innovative products. We have launched a global brand strategy and expansion plans for overseas markets, and participating in this SPINEWEEK exhibition is only the beginning, "said Mr. Bill Ma proudly.



HICREN boost national rejuvenation through technologies and show great foresight to usher in the future. HICREN will officially embark on a global journey with this participation in SPINEWEEK, providing more excellent Chinese intelligent products to doctors and patients worldwide. We look forward to working together with colleagues in orthopedics around the world to create a brilliant future!