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HICREN Curved Vertebroplasty Surgery Successfully Conducted in Multiple Countries

At the SPINEWEEK exhibition held in Australia in May this year, HICREN made a brilliant debut with a complete set of spine solutions, winning the attention of spine doctors from around the world and embarking on a new journey of internationalization. In just three months, the PCVP and PCKP products independently developed and produced by HICREN have successfully undergone dozens of surgeries in multiple countries, earning the trust of clinical doctors and business partners, laying a solid foundation for rapidly advancing global brand strategy and overseas market expansion plans.



In June, Dr. Thant Zin Naing successfully cured a 75-year-old female patient with L1 osteoporotic vertebral compression fracture using HICREN curved vertebroplasty product. Dr. Thant Zin Naing said after surgery that: The curved vertebroplasty technology is really a great invention. Compared to traditional vertebroplasty, it only requires one incision, greatly reducing the patient's trauma. At the same time, the bone cement dispersion is very sufficient, and it is well distributed on the opposite, middle, and puncture sides. This makes the pressure on the vertebral body more balanced, and the postoperative pain relief effect is excellent. It is also not easy to cause secondary fractures or fractures of neighbouring vertebrae.




In June, Dr. Pham Quang Phuc successfully completed a T11 osteoporotic vertebral compression fracture with HICREN PCKP system for a 65-year-old woman. During surgery, when Dr. Pham Quang Phuc couldn't help but exclaim, "This invention is so cool!" In addition, Dr. Pham Quang Phuc greatly appreciates the use of an injector for multi-point injection of bone cement. He said, "This operation not only reduces the pressure of bone cement infusion and avoids the occurrence of bone cement leakage, but also makes the distribution of bone cement more balanced within the vertebral body.





In July, Dr. Sureshan Sivananthan and Dr. K. S. Sivananthan, from ALTY Orthopaedic Hospital successfully performed PCKP surgery on an elderly patient with osteoporotic lumbar vertebral compression fracture. During the surgery, the height of the fractured vertebral body was well supported, and the bone cement dispersion effect was excellent without leakage. Dr. Sureshan Sivananthan praised after the surgery, "This is my first time using HICREN PCKP product. I am very fascinated by its innovative design, which greatly shortens surgical time and reduces incisions caused by surgery. It is a perfect product.



As a leader in curved PVP&PKP technology, HICREN will continue to explore the international market, adhere to providing high-quality and efficient product services to customers at home and abroad, and strive to become the most innovative minimally invasive orthopedic company, allowing more high-quality intelligent products and advanced technology to benefit global patients.