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HICREN Showcases its Latest Innovations at the Global Spine Congress 2024

Bangkok, Thailand — HICREN proudly participated in the Global Spine Congress 2024, held from May 15 to 18, 2024, at the Centara Grand & Bangkok Convention Centre. The congress, organized by AO Spine, is a leading worldwide event that gathers thousands of spinal surgeons from across the globe.

Located at booth number 53, HICREN showcased its latest innovations, including the Percutaneous Curved Kyphoplasty System (PCKP) and Percutaneous Curved Vertebroplasty System (PCVP), along with the Spinal Fixation System. These products, leveraging the latest medical technology, provide unprecedented convenience to doctors during spinal surgeries, demonstrating HICREN's strong presence in the field of spinal health.


The exhibition attracted significant attention, with visitors stopping by to inquire about the products. Many doctors, distributors, and clients from non-Thai regions, including Europe, South America, and Asia, expressed interest in HICREN's offerings. Guided by the international team, visitors experienced the products firsthand, leaving with positive and insightful feedback. This not only validated HICREN's technological prowess but also expanded its market reach in Europe.


With the overwhelming response and insights gained at the congress, HICREN has gained a deeper understanding of the latest trends and developments in the international spinal health landscape. The company has identified numerous growth opportunities, positioning itself to contribute even more significantly to the global spinal health cause.