Disposable Endoscopic Electrode

The optimized alloy electrode head is anti-oxidation and ablation resistant, effectively prolonging the service life of the electrode and making the output more stable; Multiple electrode plugs, strong versatility and flexible adaptation.

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Product Portfolio
  • U-shaped Anti-slip Handle

    • Ergonomic design, more stable grip
  • Multiple Electrode Plugs

    • Strong versatility and flexible adaptation
  • Bipolar Design, Alloy Electrode Tip

    • Loop formed between two poles, no current stimulation, stable output, high efficiency
Product Features

Sturdy and Durable

The rigidity of the metal sheath is enhanced to prevent the handle from bending due to improper operation

Optimized Electrode Tip

Oxidation resistance and ablation resistance of alloy electrode tip. Avoid the glue opening due to stress concentration when the electrode tip is bent, effectively prolong the service life of the electrode and make the output more stable

Convenient Operation

The tip is retractable and arc-shaped, with wide range of operation under the endoscopy and accurate pointing

Four Specifications and Models

Covering the needs of cervical and lumbar surgery


  • Connected with high-frequency surgical equipment, used for ablation and coagulation of human tissues in spinal endoscopic surgery


  • Patients wearing cardiac pacemakers are forbidden to use

Please contact your local distributor for more information.