Arthroscopic Shaver System

As a part of the overall solution of the arthroscopic surgery system, the console and accessories of HICREN shaver system have simple, efficient and comprehensive innovative design, bringing the operator an immersive surgical experience.

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Product Portfolio
  • Console

    • Full LCD screen, touch button, multiple adjustable modes
  • Handpiece

    • Ergonomic design, high temperature and high pressure sterilization
  • Shaver Blades and Burs

    • 9 specifications and models, which can meet different surgical requirements for soft tissue and bone tissue resection
  • Footswitch

    • IPX8 waterproof grade, which can realize free switching of clockwise and counterclockwise rotation and reciprocating rotation
Product Features

Minimal Human-computer Interaction Interface

7 "HD LCD fully digital touch screen, concise and clear level 1 menu, one-button switching operation mode, real-time display of accessory connection, working status, and fault information, microcomputer platform, with system upgrade function

9 Types of Shaver Blades and Burs

Disposable subpackage design, which can cover the shaver blades and burs for the operation of six major joints of the whole body, with wide adaptability

Excellent Handpiece Function

Ergonomically designed to reduce hand fatigue. The optimized suction channel ensures the suction volume, reduces the use of fluid. It can be sterilized under high temperature and high pressure, with a service life of up to 1000 times

Convenient Footswitch

The footswitch can realize fast switching of various working modes during operation, without system conflict, high waterproof grade, stable and reliable


  • Shoulder joint: Loose body removal, synovectomy, acromion impingement, rotator cuff injury, arthritis, scapulohumeral periarthritis, etc.

  • Elbow joint: Loose body examination and removal, chondritis, radial head cartilage and osteochondral injury, humeral or olecranon fossa osteophytes, synovitis, elbow joint adhesions, etc.

  • Wrist joint: Cartilage injury synovitis and arthroscopic ligament incision for carpal tunnel syndrome

  • Hip joint: Applicable to femoral head necrosis, osteoarthritis, etc.

  • Knee joint: Acute knee joint injury, synovial lesion surgery, meniscus injury, cartilage injury repair, arthritis, joint adhesiolysis, repair and reconstruction of anterior and posterior cruciate ligament injury, etc.

  • Ankle joint: Ankle fractures, traumatic arthritis, synovitis, etc.


  • Patients with severe cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

  • Patients with intra-articular malignancies

  • Patients with severe joint infectious diseases, or obvious infection foci at other sites, which may cause joint infection after operation

  • Joint stiffness, joint space narrowing, and other conditions that hinder arthroscopic instrumentation and where the arthroscope remains inaccessible to the focus after distraction

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