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Ningbo HicRen Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was established in 2011. The company has gathered a group of senior management talents and outstanding medical device research and development personnel from Fortune 500, domestic and foreign listed companies. Through continuous innovation and integration, the team is committed to building HicRen into an innovative enterprise with a digital orthopedic minimally invasive platform empowered by robot.

Ningbo HICREN Biotechnology Co., Ltd.


Ningbo HICREN Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.was established in 2011, locates in Hangzhou Bay New Area, an industrial new town adjacent to the geometric center of Shanghai, Hangzhou and Ningbo. Since its establishment, HICREN has gathered a group of senior management talents and outstanding medical device R&D personnel from the world’s top 500 listed enterprises at home and abroad. Through continuous innovation and integration, our team is committed to building HICREN into a robot-empowered platform enterprise in the field of orthopedics minimally invasive.

HICREN was the first manufacturer of percutaneous curved vertebroplasty products approved by domestic and CE for marketing, as well as a surgical instruments manufacturer with the most complete solutions to percutaneous curved vertebroplasty and traditional vertebroplasty in China. As the global leader in percutaneous curved vertebroplasty, HICREN is the preferred high-quality provider of vertebroplasty instruments for customers. Also, the Company owns a full range of vertebroplasty products, as well as innovative products in spine implant series, sports medicine series, orthopedics active equipment and consumables, and artificial intelligence. HICREN has applied for a total of 175 Chinese patents, including 73 invention patents, 91 utility patents and 11 design patents, and a total of 9 international patents (7 has been authorized). Now the Company has obtained 15 Class II and 9 Class III registration certificates for medical devices from the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) and 7 CE certifications, and it expects to obtain at least 5 certificates each year. Moreover, HICREN invested RMB 100 million in Interventional Systems (INS) (a European innovative robot company) in 2021 and worked together with the latter to set up a joint venture--Sino-Europe Microrobotics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., which is a landmark event for HICREN to enter the market of digital orthopedics and surgical robots. Sino-Europe Microrobotics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has applied 9 Chinese patents by now, 5 patents have been authorized, including 1 invention patent, 2 utility patents and 2 design patents.  

As a high-tech enterprise, HICREN has been reputed as a Labor Management Start Enterprise many times and has also won the titles of Excellent Health Industry Enterprise in Zhejiang Province, Excellent Enterprise of Ningbo Division of China Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition, etc. Besides, HICREN has won many awards in various innovation competitions, including the Best Innovative Orthopedics Instrument Award of the World Congress of Orthopedics 2017, the Second Award of Ningbo Division of China Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition, Innovative Technical Team of Ningbo Enterprises in Hangzhou Bay New Zone, etc. Excellent management and prominent innovation capability lay a solid foundation and serve as a driving force for the rapid, sustained development of HICREN.  

Adhering to the philosophy of “boosting Chinese rejuvenation through technologies and showing great foresight to usher in the future", HICREN takes as its mission to renovate minimally invasive technologies of orthopedics, provide patients and physicians with more excellent minimally invasive solutions, and strive to become the most innovative company of minimally invasive orthopedic surgery.


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Make orthopedic surgery easy, and resume patients' walking ability Dare to be the first, have good faith, never give up, keep improving



Make every effort to become a minimally invasive orthopedic platform enterprise empowered by robots


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Build high-quality products with the advanced technologies of HICREN


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HICREN adheres to the talent strategy of "people-oriented, appointing people on merit and make the most of their talents"


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The company provides a broad stage for employees to give full play to their talents, so as to discover, cultivate, respect and develop talents.

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Corporate Honors