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Create a Better Future Based on a Smart Technology-Powered Microrobotic Platform丨Sino-Europe Microrobotics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Opens Grandly

Create a better future based on a smart technology-powered microrobotic platform. On the morning of February 26, 2022, the opening ceremony of Sino-Europe Microrobotics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was held in the Sino-Europe Microrobotics office building located in Zizhu National High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Shanghai. The leadership teams and colleagues of Sino-Europe Microrobotics and HICREN, special guests in the industry, Hillhouse representatives, leaders of Zizhu Industrial Zone, and representatives of partners attended the event to witness the historic milestone of Sino-Europe Microrobotics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.



Sino-Europe Microrobotics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a joint venture company established by Ningbo HICREN Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and innovative surgical robot Interventional Systems (hereinafter referred to as INS), which is committed to the innovation, development and promotion of digital orthopedic products and micro surgical robot technology. The surgical robots to be launched by Sino-Europe Microrobotics characterized by small size, convenient operation, fast operation, high cost performance and easy popularization, and are suitable for spinal internal fixation surgery, spinal interventional surgery, spinal percutaneous endoscopic surgery, sports medicine surgery and other fields. Sino-Europe Microrobotics aims to build the world's leading intelligent products made in China and provide comprehensive microrobotic surgical assistance solutions for clinical market



During the company visit before the opening ceremony, the leadership team of Sino-Europe Microrobotics explained the first-generation robot products to the guests, and introduced and displayed the production and assembly workshops and staff offices, which demonstrated the core technology and corporate values of Sino-Europe Microrobotics in multiple dimensions. In the robot simulation operating room, the team of Sino-Europe Microrobotics gave a detailed explanation and demonstration on the design concept, functional characteristics and operation process of the microrobot, fully demonstrating the outstanding advantages of the product in size, intelligence and efficiency, which left a deep impression on the guests.



At 11:18 am, the ceremony officially began, the scene was full of partners and friends in the industry. The dancing robot made a dazzling debut to the rhythmic and dynamic music. A vigorous dance showcased the charm of science and technology and opened the opening ceremony of Sino-Europe Microrobotics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


After the energetic opening performance, Mr. Ma Yan, General Manager of the Sino-Europe Microrobotics, delivered a speech on stage. Mr. Ma Yan expressed his sincere thanks to the guests at the event and to the friends who have given help and care during the preparatory process of Sino-Europe Microrobotics, and expressed confidence in the future development of the company: HICREN is committed to building a minimally invasive orthopedic innovation platform enterprise enabled by robot. Sino-Europe Microrobotics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is able to perfectly combine robot and consumable products, give full play to the product and technological advantages of both China and Europe, and bring highly innovative and affordable robot-assisted surgery solutions to the Chinese market.


Mr. Chen Xinxing, Executive Director of Hillhouse, said in his speech: Sino-Europe Microrobotics was established in Shanghai, the national center of science and technology innovation, laying a solid foundation for the company's long-term development. Hillhouse will work hard with the company's management team to jointly promote the development of surgical robots in China and promote the Chinese medical industry to the minimally invasive, digital and intelligent direction through continuous resource investment.



Mr. Michael Vogele, CEO of INS, also sent video wishes from the other side of the world. He and his team have always been committed to the development of minimally invasive microrobot solutions. The INS team is very much looking forward to working with the domestic R&D team to introduce a new generation of products that can make surgery more accurate, faster, more effective and safer to the Chinese market, so as to achieve better therapeutic effects. Mr. Michael Vogele is full of confidence in the cooperation between the two companies and believes that the future development prospects of Sino-Europe Microrobotics are limitless.



After the speeches, at the invitation of Mr. Ma Yan, the General Manager, the guests stepped onto the stage to cut the ribbon for the official opening of Sino-Europe Microrobotics. The special ribbon cutting mechanical gloves symbolized the concept of independent innovation and pioneering spirit of Sino-Europe Microrobotics. The service robot delivered scissors to the guests one by one. In the full applause and cheers, the atmosphere was pushed to the climax. All the guests cut the ribbon for Sino-Europe Microrobotics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., declaring the opening ceremony and ribbon cutting ceremony a complete success!



The field of minimally invasive orthopedics in China is experiencing unprecedented rapid development and innovation. The establishment of Sino-Europe Microrobotics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a solid step by Ningbo HICREN and INS in the field of digital orthopedic products and micro surgical robots. With the purpose to create a better future based on a smart technology-powered microrobotic platform, Sino-Europe Microrobotics will respond to the country's call to vigorously promote the concept of "Made in China 2025 Strategy and Intelligent Manufacturing Upgrade", rely on the R&D expertise of both sides, adhere to the realistic development idea, develop a successful business model, and constantly inject innovative elements, to bring more diversified concepts and more sustainable power for the field of minimally invasive orthopedics and surgical robots. Sino-Europe Microrobotics will ignite fighting spirit with ideal and create the future with science and technology.