Professional Education

Intended to be used in medical institutions in connection with high-frequency surgical equipment for routine cutting and coagulation of human tissue during endoscopic surgery.

Company Profile

Ningbo HICREN Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was established in 2011, located in Hangzhou Bay New Area, an industrial new town adjacent to the geometric center of Shanghai, Hangzhou and Ningbo, with an operating branch set in Shanghai. Our headquarters covers an area of 11,000 m2 and has a 10,000-level purification workshop of 1,200 m2 meeting the GMP requirements. Since its establishment, HICREN has gathered a group of senior management talents and outstanding medical device R&D personnel from the world’s top 500 listed enterprises at home and abroad. Through continuous innovation and integration, our team is committed to building HICREN into a robot-empowered platform enterprise in the field of orthopedics minimally invasive.

HICREN is the first manufacturer in China , approved by CFDA and CE for percutaneous curved vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty products, and also the most comprehensive surgical device manufacturer in China of curved and traditional PKP and PVP solutions. As the global leader in PCVP and PCKP technology, HICREN is also the preferred supplier of vertebroplasty instruments for customers. Meanwhile, HICREN also has innovative products in the fields of interbody fusion and non-fusion, bone repaire material series, sports medicine series, spinal implants, endoscopic series, and AI series, etc.

In 2022, HICREN and European Interventional Systems jointly established the Sino-European MicroRobotic (Shanghai) Co., Ltd (SEMR), which is a landmark milestone for HICREN to move into the market of digital orthopedics and surgical robots. The new generation of surgical robot launched by SEMR will be developed and applied in multiple fields such as spinal fixation, spinal intervention, spinal percutaneous endoscopy and sports medicine, providing comprehensive micro-presice robot auxiliary solutions for the clinical application and market, bringing more diversified concepts and more sustainable power to the field of minimally invasive orthopedics and surgical robots!

At present, HICREN has applied for a total of 118 domestic patents, including 59 invention patents, 53 utility models and 6 appearance designs; And 18 international patents, of which 7 international patents have been authorized. What’s more, HICREN has obtained 12 Class II and 6 Class III NMPA medical device registration certificates and 7 CE certifications. It is expected that HICREN will obtain no less than 5 certificates each year in the future. In addition, the introduction of surgical robots and the development of new functions will further empower the overall product line and realize the connection with technical solutions in various fields to form a more comprehensive and optimized minimally invasive product portfolio.

With the belif that Technology Leads the Future, we take the innovation of minimally invasive orthopedic technology as our mission, provide patients and doctors with more excellent solutions in minimally invasive surgery, and strive to become the most innovative company in minimally invasive orthopedics in the field of consumables and equipment.