Open Posterior Thoracolumbar Screw-rod Fixation System

Spinal fixation is used in the surgical treatment of patients with spinal degeneration, scoliosis, traumatic fracture, tumor, infection and other diseases. The product range is complete, which can meet different surgical needs.

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Product Portfolio
  • Pedicle Screw Design

    • Different types of pull-up reduction interfaces can provide multiple recution modes to meet the different requirements under different operating scenarios
    • Low profile design significantly reduces the space under the rod and the transverse space of the screw base, and reduces the irritation to the surrounding soft tissue
    • Mechanically strengthened thread greatly increases the contact area between the thread and the pedicle, and effectively improves the pullout force of the screw
    • Tapered tip design provides implantation guidance function. Self-tapping full thread design
  • Swing Angle

    • Multi-angle screw can move within 60° conical range
    • Provide more adjustment space for placing screws
  • Crosslink

    • Buckle design, easy to install
    • Complete specifications to meet different surgical needs
  • Set Screw

    • Negative angle thread can reduce the distracting force on the screw wall when the setscrew is locked to achieve safe and stable fixation
    • The convex design of the pressing surface increases the locking stability
  • Multiple Screw Types

    • It has a wide range of combinations to achieve better treatment effect
    • Color distinction is made according to the diameter of the screw for easy identification
Product Features

The System Is More Secure and Reliable

Mechanically enhanced thread improves the holding force of screw, making it safer and more reliable after implantation. The set screw has a negative angle thread and a convex bottom surface, which significantly improves the locking stability

Fast and Convenient Implantation

Tapered tip design for automatic guide into. Fully threaded coverage for self-tapping

Universal to Pedicle Screw Technique and CBT Screw Technique

Mechanically strengthened screws can also have excellent holding force in the cortical bone channel, and the 60° swing angle covers the demand range of CBT screws

Robot Empowerment

The "Intelligent Woodpecker" robot can achieve sub-millimeter positioning and one-step implantation, which is more accurate, safer and faster

Can Be Used with Various Products of HicRen

With disposable puncture positioning plate, accurate fluoroscopy positioning can be carried out. Equipped with disposable medical irrigator to fully clean the surgical wound


  • Spinal Degenerative Disease

  • Scoliosis

  • Spinal Trauma

  • Spinal Tumor

  • Spinal Infection


  • Patients with local spinal or systemic infection

  • The situation of patients with severe osteoporosis who cannot maintain the fixation effect

  • Patients with cachexia and constitution unsuitable for surgery

  • Patients with metal allergy

  • Symptoms/signs are caused by spinal cord diseases such as myasthenia gravis or subacute combined degeneration of the spinal cord

  • Cautious use of diffuse idiopathic spinal hypertrophy

  • Patients with other organ failure who cannot tolerate surgery

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